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Some Recent Works

The Signworx began from simple beginnings in 2002, working in HTML and later adding JavaScript. By 2004 we were working with PHP to add even more functionality and to make our websites dynamic. Around 2008, we came across the Joomla CMS (content management system), then in its early infancy v0.8, but we appreciated that it was built using PHP (something we understood) and its open-source culture. We jumped into the community and began programming some features we found lacking, offering them to the community.
Today, we are fully immersed in Joomla and it is the only CMS we build with. We have stepped back from programming and use our experience to focus on building websites that meet each unique clients needs.Clients come and clients go for various reasons. Some choose to keep their operating systems current, while others are focused on other priorities. While the examples listed here are more current, they still only reflect a point in time where we were actively involved.
Below you find a screenshot and a brief note describing some of the more unique features we built into the site.

Tiny Town Association

membership, donation, blog
This project includes a few unique custom coded displays, membership component, donation option, and newsletter. The blog has been connected to their social feeds so that posts in their blog are automatically posted to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Everyday Actors

paid membership, member profile
This website uses a subscription membership component with multiple member types. Members access their payment history, experience info, photo and video galleries through their profile. The site provides onsite communications between member types, maintaining anonymity until a mutual agreement is reached.