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Getting to know you

It starts with understanding

You have an understanding of what you want your website to do. Our job is to interpret that concept into an amazing web experience for your site visitors.


We've now added Wordpress to our list of supported CMS (content management systems). Looking to create, update, or transition a website in Wordpress, we can help.

Welcome to
TheSignWorx Web Studio

Born out of an understanding that signage imparted information in a concise, interesting and informative way, TheSignWorx has embraced cutting-edge technologies, to provide a captivating user experience. While interesting is good to grab attention, functionally, sensible processes and a smooth user experience are paramount for visitor retention. With a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Joomla CMS, we are able to create a rich experience that visitors are eager to repeat.

Website Types

Online Brochure
An online brochure is simply a website that tells the world about you, your company, your services. The main focus is providing reference information. Visitor interactuion is usually limited to a contact form.
Online Store
An online store provides information about products and/or services you provide. Site visitors can browse through the things you offer, check your stock levels, select the items they want, order and pay for them. Visitors typically will create an account on your website, so they can track their orders. Orders collected through the website are processed, then shipped by the company. Inventory, shipping, and payment information is managed through the website.
Membership Website
Content and access to the website is limited to members and which information is limited is determined by the admin. Membership can be paid or free. Paid memberships can be one-time payments, subscriptions or a combination. Memberships can include other benefits that are active while the membership is active, but automatically stop when a membership expires.
Membership websites are a specialty of ours.
Events Management
Event websites provide information, tickets and manage access to events. The events can be free or paid attendance. The website can issue tickets and coordinate ticket processing with onsite verification. Events can be in different venues and of different types. Ticket purchasers become members of the website, so future events can be marketed by email, newsletters, and social integrations.
Paid Access
Site members can pay to access digital content through the website. The site can limit access to the content in a number of ways. Members can pay to access the site, the content or to download the content. Payments can be one-time, by subscription or as a combination of both.

Customer Types

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Cities
  • Government
Regardless of who you are, we have the experience and knowledge to design, build and maintain any type of website, to meet your needs.